Thursday, September 29, 2011

Updates and Life Turned Upside down

Ok. I haven't posted in a LONG time. There have been lots of changes in our world that I've been totally consumed with! I took a new job as the WOCN at Children's Colorado! It's going to be a BIG job to fill but I am so excited! I have been pretty busy in finishing up school to become certified. I have passed my finals, am finishing my clinicals next week, and will sit for the certification exam sometime in the next month! What did I learn from all this work? I LOVE Wound and Ostomy nursing...but I didn't love going back to school! It's just not as fun without football games, track meets, sleezy mart, the Cali house, and late night watch parties of The Office.

Grant's had a lot going on too. He has accepted a new position within his company as a national rep!! This is great for us. He is so excited! But what's not so great? He is doing training in Milwaukee for the next 8-12 weeks, traveling back and forth from Denver weekly.  So you might be hearing from me a lot more in the next few months since I'm not cooking and entertaining a husband as much. :)

We also had to find a new church, as Watermark Denver decided to close their doors. It has been a bit of a rollercoaster with that news - since a lot of why we came here was to be a part of that church, but God always has a plan. Park Church Denver is in our neighborhood and the perfect fit for us. They have been such a great find and it's so nice to jump back into community with other believers. They are also very service oriented and theologically sound - two things pretty hard to find in Denver we've found. We are so thankful to have them to help us through all the madness we've had going on!

So here's some pics for all that's been going on aside from our crazy second start with jobs and church! We might be busy with work, but in Colorado, there's a new adventure every weekend awaiting us!

We went to the US pro cycling challenge that ended in downtown Denver! Rode our bikes down to watch the finish and enjoy all the festivities for the day! There were live concerts, a big bazaar with tents and tents of vendors, and about a million people there!

We went camping in Aspen with some friends from our new church! It was FREEZING and rained a bit, but we still had a great time!

We hiked Saturday up at Maroon Bells. IT WAS GORGEOUS!
It reminded me why I love living here!

Sage immediately went for the water and took a swim. She was literally shivering it was so cold!

Since Sage is such a swimmer, we took her swimming at the "Dogapoolooza" in our neighborhood!
People seriously treat their dogs like kids here! I think we are guilty of falling into that pattern as well. :) It was PACKED! 

She swam for 45 minutes straight and wouldn't get out! 
My favorite was the Lifeguard for the dogs! Haha!

We also went home for Labor Day and I got to see my girls! I miss them so much.
 Not only that, I got to see Cherry too! 
She is in town from Asia to have her second little one. :) Can't wait to meet him!

And of course - We have been trying out our green thumbs! Our garden is doing amazing! Which is impressive since I haven't been great at watering or weeding it.

We have tomatoes....


TONS of grapes...

Cherry tomatoes, yellow pear tomatoes, and jalapenos...

And I've been trying tons of new recipes to use them all!!

We are having one heck of an adventure here. 
But we would love to have family and friends come share the adventure with us!
 Love you all and miss you Texans!