Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Never say Never

Well, I'm starting a blog. And while deciding to do this, mostly because I have had many people ask us to since we've moved to Denver, I also realized, I am doing a lot of things I thought I'd never do.

I never thought I'd marry a red head - I did. :)
I never thought I'd leave Texas. G and I have now lived in Denver for 5 weeks and will indefinitely.
I never thought I'd leave inpatient nursing. I am working in outpatient GI at Denver Children's.
I never thought I'd start a blog....I don't even read blogs.

And here I am. Not that our lives are particularly exciting enough to have a blog...we are no reality TV show. But being in Denver is different. And I figure the Texans can at least stay up with us better this way. And if nothing else, my mom will read it. :)

On to the info. Denver has been interesting so far. I don't know if I'll say it's been good yet....although this city is awesome and there is so much to do! But I miss my family and friends so much already, and I am not fond of my new job. Grant, however, has been walking on clouds ever since we arrived, so it's worth the move I guess. We live in the cutest neighborhood called the Highlands. It's in Northwest Denver, about 10 minutes north of downtown, and you can walk to everything. Parks, shops, restaurants, the lake, and Sage's favorite - the 2 acre dog park. We love it. Our neighbors across the street...and possibly our only good friends thus far...are about our age and really cool. They are married with a 2 year old and have been great to get to know. There is something cool to do every day of the week in this city. From outdoor adventures (we have already been skiing three of the five weekends here and hiking one other), to art walks, to wine tastings, to concerts. It's right up our alley. But I will say it's a bit of a culture shock living here. A good that encourages us to live missionally...but definitely different than the bible belt! There aren't near as many churches or people claiming Christianity and the churches there are are very small. We are blessed to have Watermark Denver, a sister church from our church in Dallas, but I will say it's 75-100 people on a good Sunday is very different than the previous 5000 we were part of in Dallas! I have not found anyone who is an outspoken Christian yet outside our Sunday excursion to church. Not at work. Nor in any of our neighbors we have met. But what a great opportunity for us to get outside of our comfortable Christian bubble, really invest in what we believe, and BE the church. I look forward to that. And if nothing else, that makes it worth moving to Denver.


  1. Yay!! So excited to see you doing this! Im in the middle of making myown as well :) Praying for you dear friend as you are adjusting and continue in this great adventure God has given us called Life! Blessings to you and Grant :)

  2. We certainly miss you too! As an instructor of technology, I am so proud to see you have joined the blogging craze! Well done! I love that you refer to Colorado as an adventure. You and Grant are perfect at creating the greatest adventures I know! Dad and I have been having some mini adventures of our own. On the weekends when he nor I have to work we have been taking quick trips to explore the rivers that abound with fish. This has been a perfect way to wind down for Dad from his very stressful job. There is just nothing like talking to God and fish at the same time on a river any day, anywhere, as Grant will atest to, I'm sure. Last weekend we explored the Blue River in Tishomingo, OK. Dad caught six fish! One of them was only 3 inches long, but still a catch is a catch! He had a little mishap when he stepped on a rock to get a better cast. The rock was actually a rotten log that gave way and Dad fell in the river. Though soaked in 30 degree weather, Dad just kept fishing enjoying every minute of the day. While Dad fishes, I go along to read. I'm trying to stay away from the typical Technology Integation books I read during the week. While on the river I pick up the action adventure books of Stephen White and Clive Cussler instead. For me, chasing the "bad guy" in an action adventure novel is just what the doctor ordered for relaxing from the pressures of the week. I can surely say I must get that from Grandad! We look forward to finding a fishing getaway closer to you when we have more than a day. Dad loves fishing with Grant while you and I can catch up as we browse the local novelty shops and shoe shops close by. Love you both! We look forward to seeing you in a few weeks!

  3. Chel - I didn't know you'd started a blog! This is great, and I'm excited to follow along and catch up on your life. I started blogging for the same reason, we moved away and lived in Scotland for a year. Now I keep it up and really enjoy it! We're over at

    Great to "see" you on here!

  4. PS - just realized that didn't say my name ^^

    It's Amber Bell!

  5. Dear Michelle,
    I can honestly say I understand moving and really everything you are experiencing! I am so excited for you guys and thankful you have at least found a church body in Denver. We are still having trouble finding a solid church and would appreciate prayers. Anyway, if you ever want to talk someone who understands and is also trying to positively and faithfully thrive in unknown territory, do call!

    Love you both,