Saturday, June 11, 2011

School is Stealing my Blogging Time

Holy cow! I forgot how much time school takes! I recently started a certification program through Metropolitan State to get my Wound Ostomy Continence nursing certification. It's fricken hard!!! I study like every night and am still struggling through. I don't know why I thought this fast track (12 hours masters credit in 3 months over the summer) would be a good idea while working full time....but I guess it will be worth it come September when I am done and off to the Wound Ostomy world of nursing! Something I've always thought about doing and Thank You Denver for giving me the time and energy to do so.

Anyway, this will have to be a collaborative blog from the last few weeks of what's been going on in the Ursy's world. It's been a busy an emotional few weeks as well, which made it hard to get on and talk about fun stuff here in Denver.

 My little bro (he's not that little - he's 24), Jay, lived in Joplin and was there during the big F5 tornado a few weeks ago. Thank God he was at work and therefore safe when the tornado hit but the tornado took everything he had, including his home, all his furniture, clothes, and possesions. It tore the city apart leaving him little hope of restarting there, so he's back home living with the rents at the moment, and his sweet girlfriend moved in with them as well. I must admit, I hate that for Jay and we are praying every day he finds a new job ASAP, a better job even, and that Danita does as well...BUT....I am incredibly jealous that I'm not in Dallas with them. My parents have such a full house right now and every time I call it sounds like they are having a blast! With Jay, Danita, and my sister Melissa (meme) all living at home right now (Meme tore her ankle up in February requiring surgery and lots of recover time so she moved in with my rents then), they have every bedroom full. The house is officially housed with two dogs, three cats, and 5 adults all living under one roof. Having them all together there with me way up here made me so anxious and upset that my loving husband let me go home a few days after the tornado to spend time with them. Jonathan was home too so all four of Martin kids plus Danita got to be together with my parents. We didn't even get that much at Christmas since Jay and I both were working so this was a big treat. Although most of the weekend was spent rearranging bedroom furniture and cleaning and recleaning clothes and the few items Jay salvaged, I enjoyed every minute of it. It was a truly blessed time and worth every penny for the flight. Here's a pic of all the "kids" together. To see pics of the tornado, go on my facebook. They are unbelievable and will make your heart hurt, but also make you so thankful he is still alive and unharmed!

Aside from the Martin family stress and struggles, G and I have been having a great time here in Denver as well. We went on another weekend adventure over memorial day, this time with a team of Dallas friends who flew up for the holiday wknd - Tauber, Austin, and the Dugans. We headed down to Aspen, where I have never been, and got to experience the mountain life of the summer, which I have never done! SO fun! We spent those few days fishing staying in Tauber's version of a "mountain" condo (he was in charge of housing) - a million dollar three bedroom luxury condo at the base of Aspen! We were living the high life and able to walk downstairs and be right in the middle of the main drag, complete with restaurants, bars, pubs, and shops. The only downside - the condo was so fancy that half the time we couldn't get the TV on. But who needs TV when you are in the mountains anyway! Saturday, Hilary and I toured the cute little mountain town shops while the boys fished, and we all spent some great time in Basalt, CO, a cute little spot of about 3000 people with the river running through it. So Beautiful!! I think Sage enjoyed her time as well. That dog has gotten to do more cool stuff the three months we've lived here than her entire life! Thanks to dog friendly Colorado, we can take her just about anywhere. Pretty sure she's glad we moved! Here's some pics of Aspen in all it's glory!

The whole crew in our luxury condo!

My poor pup. She couldn't stand not being in the water if Grant was, so she swam out to him - that water is FREEZING! From the looks of this pic, she quickly regretted her decision.

Austin, fishing in his "sweet spot". He was the fish master of the wknd for sure.

This is what you get if you let the boys fish all day. They were out for hours. 

Downtown Aspen - off to a pub for Taub's B. Day celebration!

Basalt, CO rocks.

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