Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Love Garden Phase Two!!

Here's more pics of turning the dirt area in our backyard into a full blown, fenced in garden part 2! We are going to be so self sufficient in a few months when it comes to veggies and fruit! Thanks Carin and Wayne for your help!

Gotta have the mulch. Enough mulch to last a lifetime!

The tomatoes have been hibernating in our mudroom. Time to plant outside!

Wayne and Grant building a "Keep Sage Out" fence.

All my onions!! We won't have to buy onions for the rest of the year!

Beauties. And sweet too. Austin checked em out for us - ate them from the stem like a carrot. 

Sage snuck an onion. She approves of the taste. 

Hooray for a finished phase two of the love garden!

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  1. I forgot Sage was the name of your dog. I was very confused about why you would build a fence to keep sage (the plant) out of your garden. Ha!