Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Woo Pig!!

We have been busy! Grant is traveling full force - usually Monday through Thursdays every week. I have been spending my spare time without him studying for my certification exams and trying to get established in my new job. I LOVE my job already by the way! As weird as it is, I think I was meant to be a Wound and Ostomy nurse! My boss is great, everyone is so supportive, and in a few weeks, I will be all set up to take consults, change dressings and wound vacs, and do ostomy teaching for a living!

Although work has been busy getting the WOCN program going at Children's Colorado and Grant has been more than busy traveling back and forth and working 24/7 in Milwaukee, we absolutely made flying down to Dallas for the Arkansas/A&M game a MUST DO! Grant and I have a big rivalry invested in this game. Since he is an Aggie and I'm a Razorback, we have gone to the game every year since they made the 10 year contract with Jerryworld. And we don't plan on missing one now just because we live in Colorado! So glad we got to do this again with my favorite friends! We've gone to the game with the same people every year as well, which makes it all the more special. Fortunately for me, we alternate years sitting on either Arkansas or A&M's side and this year it was Hog country's turn!

2009: Arkansas Victory!

2010: Hog Victory Number 2!

And this year....I do believe we've won again!

I must admit, I was a tad worried this year (for the first time) since A&M had played so well against OSU the week before. But the worry was in vain. Halfway through the third quarter, my mind was at ease. Not sure I can say the same for Scott, who was pacing up and down the stairs and disappearing frequently to be relieved from his angst. I can't say it was the prettiest game, but Arkansas was victorious again - third year in a row! And what did this mean for the Martin/Usry rivalry? The first year it meant a hog nose out of the stadium worn by my redheaded Aggie. The second year, a gourmet dinner cooked for Andrea and I by Nate and G. This year? My favorite I think. Grant had to wear an Arkansas shirt on the plane ride home. Oh the joy when multiple people stopped him in the airport and on the plane to congratulate him on "his win". I LOVED IT! 

Here's some pics from our perfect day with the perfect crew!

And just listen to the beautiful sound of victory - heard as we were leaving the game (over and over I might add!)


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