Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Estes with the Usrys

The Usrys came back for more! You just can't get enough of Colorado right? What they didn't know they were in for was SNOW! Wayne, Carin, and Goggy (Grant's Grandmother) came in town for the weekend a few weeks ago to visit Estes Park. We rented a cabin at the YMCA of the Rockies and had grand plans to enjoy leisurely hikes in and the outdoor activities there.....and then the snow came.

Saturday in Denver it was 50 and raining. And as we made the hour drive to Estes, the rain become snow! It was the first snow of the season up there! Not what we planned for the weekend but we still had a great time! We drove through the National Park, saw the Elk and stopped to take pics and enjoy all the beautiful viewpoints. We shopped downtown and sat in a cute bookstore/coffee shop enjoying coffee and hot chocolate. Instead of short sleeves and the great outdoors, we enjoyed winter wear and the great big fireplace at the YMCA resort. And Sunday, we visited the Stanley Hotel - home of lots of history and also where they filmed parts of Dumb and Dumber and all of The Shining. It reminded me so much of our wedding and the "haunted hotels" in Eureka Springs! We didn't do the ghost tour, but of course they had one there!

Sunday night we headed back to Denver, which was simply wet and not near as cool. Church, dinner, and hangouts with our dear friends across the street, and then the Usrys were back on a plane Monday morning. What a great quick trip to Estes and a great example of Colorado's VERY unpredictable weather!!

Walking with the Elk

Stanley Hotel 

with the Gog

YMCA of the Rockies!

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