Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Denver is Bi-Polar

I was reminded this week that I live in Colorado. I almost forgot. In Colorado, weather is unpredictable. People literally say if you don't like the weather here...wait 10 minutes. It will change. And it's so true! One minute it's 60 and sunny and the next...not so much.

With that - I bring you SNOW! We got our first snow on Wednesday (Oct. 26th). 10-12 inches of snow. Bigger than any snow we saw last spring! Which makes me a bit antsy and also excited about the upcoming winter! But remember...Denver is bipolar so who knows what the winter will really look like. Seriously, 48 hours after this winter wonderland arrived, it was gone again. Perfect combination for a cold natured girl like me!! Get enough snow to enjoy a real winter, but know that it won't stay!

As I was leaving for work, we probably had about 5-6 inches going already.
By lunch time? This was the view from the cafeteria at Childrens...

This is what my backyard looked like when I got home from work. 
Downside of living where it snows a still have to go to work when it snows. 

The upside? Work is absolutely breathtakingly beautiful when it snows.

Sage was excited to see her first snow of the season also!
I got my stylish pup all dressed in her coat and snow shoes ready to play! She did donuts in the back yard for half an hour straight. It was hilarious.
This is the first time she's worn her "shoes" without pulling them off!

And what else did I learn about snow in Colorado? It's a great tree limb trimmer! Who needs to pay a human to trim the branches of our 100 year old tree when the snow will do it for us?

Here's one of the TWO huge branches that fell in our front yard! 
Thankfully, the branch decided to fall during work hours while Austin and his rental car were no longer parked in front or he'd have one very crushed car! 
Thanks to Jason for moving these huge branches for me! Hooray for more firewood!

And for more good news? I didn't die and/or kill anyone else as a Texan driving in the snow! 
Success all around!

The good thing about snow melts. :) By Thursday afternoon there was nothing white in sight. And Saturday it was back into the 60s. But there's something about Wednesdays I suppose....because today, as I write this post about last week's snow...we have round two on our hands.
 7 inches this time and a very nasty commute!

Crazy weather around here! And so far...I'm loving it!

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