Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Hiking Hiatus

This weekend was so perfect we just couldn't let the beauty pass. So we planned an excursion.

After church at Watermark Denver - Alex, Catherine, Nate, Eva, Grant, me, Sage and Murphy all headed up to Boulder for a 5 mile hike in the flat irons. It was a great time. Sage and Murphy (Murphy is Nate and Eva's dog) are new best buds. They spent the entire hike side by side and I'm sorry to say, my dog was the bad influence always leading Murphy astray off trail, up steep rocks and into caves. But neither dog got hurt so we are all good! We are totally in love with Boulder hiking because you can hike with your dogs "off leash" in most areas. It's perfect for our wild pup who needs her freedom. And she is really good about staying right with us...in eye view at least.

This hike proved a few things to me -

1. I am not in shape like I was in college.
My legs were pretty sore and I just kept thinking..."what happened to the days when I could kill a series of stadiums at UofA football stadium, complete with one and two legged hops to the top?". I was shaking by the end and inspired to start running again.....maybe....

2. The altitude really does make a difference.
Hello asthma! Haven't seen you since college either. Pretty sure I scared our new friends a little with my incredibly loud and annoying wheeziness.

3. Dogs are in such better shape than humans.
Sage and Murphy had endless energy! They were running around, up and down, hopping off rocks, putting us to shame.

4. Boulder is beautiful.
The pics at the top will show you that! It will take your breath away and remind you of God's glory all at the same time.

We had a blast and I can't wait to make that a frequent event. Catherine and I decided we need to do a hike every few weeks after church on Sundays so we can be in sick shape. :) So be prepared everyone. By the end of the summer I'll have my track body back with massively strong lungs! I hope!

The Crew!

Murphy and Sager - best buds

The arch at the top of our Hike.

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