Monday, May 30, 2011

The Usrys Come to Visit!

I'm quite behind on my blogging due to all the family issues this week! (Thank you Joplin tornado). But I think the Usry rents coming to town fully deserves a post!

Wayne and Carin came to visit last weekend and we had a blast! It was so great to get to show off our new lives and home to family members. Friday night we took them down Tennyson street to Hops and Pie for dinner, one of our favorite pizza places just blocks from our house. We learned Friday that Hops and Pie also has gluten free crust and wheat free beer! What a great find to help us with Grant's new food allergy diagnosis! I guess I haven't mentioned it before in blogging, but Grant has been having some issues with feeling like food was stuck in his throat after eating, coughing, etc. and we finally got him looked at. They diagnosed him with class 4 wheat, peanut, oats, and soy allergies! No wonder we've been having issues with eating lately! So - we've decided to change our ways and go food allergy free! Good for us, Denver is very accommodating to that being so "green" and all AND I also have a mother in law who happens to be passionate for organic, healthy cooking! More adventures of the new and improved allergy free family to come....

Saturday, we rode bikes down to Tennyson for more fun restaurant eating at our favorite breakfast spot, the Cozy Cottage. It was a bit cold but thanks to the sunniness of Denver we got to sit outside on the patio and then tour the strip and shop afterward! We then headed up to Boulder for a hike. It was a bit too cold for Carin and I, so we went up a ways and then headed back to the main drag, Pearl street for more exploring. We found one of the best things yet I've found in Boulder! The amazing Boulder Farmer's Market! Apparently it's every Saturday until 2pm and is full of tons of organic, gluten and allergy free foods! I found a whole list of great brands that Grant can eat and Carin and I had a great time exploring! I've been to Pearl street several times now, but never on a Saturday afternoon. It is a mad house and quite interesting! "Entertainers" and "artists" on every corner, a circus show, and people everywhere. Fun! We spent the afternoon touring the main drag, shopping, hitting up the sales, and enjoying the entertainers amongst the strip! The boys met up with us after their major hike and we had a drink and dinner at a brewery in town. Then we went and relaxed to watch the Mavs game at the house.

Sunday we took a trip to church, then Wayne and Carin helped us finish our garden! Wayne and Grant built a fence for our tomatoes and strawberries so Sager wouldn't break in and get them, while Carin and I pulled the onions and cut them up for eating! My first accomplished gardening! Tons of onions!

We had such a great time and were sad it was so short! So glad they came!!

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  1. So so fun! I wish we could have been there. I am looking forward to such a visit with you all in the future (hopefully nearer and not further!)