Thursday, April 28, 2011

Chicks, Ducks, and Bunnies. And Dallas.

Happy late Easter! We have had the busiest week with no time for posting so I'm kinda behind!

What a wonderful weekend we had in Dallas! True - it was only a bit over 48 hours, but it was glorious. It was a packed weekend full of friends and family, and many things I've been missing! I've never been more excited about Freebirds and Trinity Hall! You know what else I miss without knowing it? I didn't realize how much I missed thunderstorms. Although it wasn't ideal to have a power outage on Saturday night while Meme was in the middle of cutting my hair in the living room (but completely hilarious that she finished cutting it with my dad holding flashlights and a head lamp) and it wasn't ideal that the airport shut down Sunday night, which turned our 10:30 arrival time in Denver to a 1am arrival, due to rain delays, it was so wonderful being in the midst of all that lightening, wind and rain! There's something so powerful and comforting to me about a thunderstorm. I know that sounds funny, but maybe it is just a reminder of how big and mighty our creator powerful He is. And what a perfect reminder to have on Easter weekend, when we celebrate his death and resurrection!

The other thing I remembered how much I miss? Texas weather. People might think that's crazy, but I must say, this weekend in Dallas affirmed that I am a hot and sticky weather fan - it's true. 90 degrees and humid? Yes please! It was the first time I have worn short sleeves since we moved! Thanks for that Dallas! It was really sad to come home to 40 degree weather again. I'm holding out though for those beautiful, perfect weathered summers everyone keeps going on about her in Colorado. It better be pretty amazing to make up for this freezing excuse for a spring season here. And to keep me from wishing I was in a tank top and flip flops at home right now.

 We really enjoyed seeing everyone. Please know how much I miss you every day here in Denver, and how much of a tease it was to only see yall for a very short time. But not to worry friends. We shall return! And please remember if you would like to see us and have our undivided attention (instead of VERY divided), come see us in Denver!!

Here's some pics from our wonderful time....

Hooray for friends at Trinity Hall!

Cheesy easter egg dying

Here goes nothing...

Best egg competition! Dad took it hands down.

This is supposed to be A&M meets Razorback. 
My Razorback attempt was sub par.

Miss everyone! Can't wait to return in a few months for a longer stint!


  1. I'm pretty confident that everyone at that table knows my Egg's would have easily won.

  2. We can hardly wait to come see you! We love reading your blog..and so glad you were able to go with us to Gog and Palpals for Easter Sunday for a few hours. It meant the world to them. We just didnt' get NEAR enough of Grant and Chel time, though! And we are missing Sager, too! Bless you are always in our prayers.

  3. excuuusseeee me. I need to be on this Denver itinerary, carin. I want to come see that love garden that I am sure is in full bloom. And want to join y'all and un-leashed sager on these hiking adventures. And show Grant that I am going to dominate in this competition. But mainly, I just miss y'all. Let's get to planning. : )