Friday, April 8, 2011

Trouser Troubles

So today was not the best day in my life. I went to work today. We wear business casual to work but on days you are in the office and not clinic, you can go pretty casual. So I had on my tan corduroy pants and TOMS of course. :) I love these pants by the way. They are anthropologie (which I usually can't afford but am totally in love with) and I bought them specifically for my rehearsal dinner. So I'm in the office, things were a little slow, and I decided to clean out my new desk. Stephanie, a friend at work was helping me. As I was germicidalling (ok that's probably not a word) everything and getting rid of the tons of trash left from the previous desk owner, I bent over to pick up some papers underneath and heard a terrible sound. The sound you never want to hear if you are at work, pretty new and still trying to get to know people, and wearing a pink lacy thong under your corduroys.

Much to my dismay, after confirmation from Stephanie, I realized my pants had ripped from top to bottom! My favorite corduroy pants! From my wedding week. Making them my sentimental corduroy pants :( This of course meant most of my right butt cheek was exposed to the world and I quickly became a Victoria Secret advertisement. It also meant I was immediately questioning how a thing like this could happen. They are widelegs! Have I gained weight in the buttocks area? Did I catch them on the corner of something? (hopefully the latter and not the former!) What happened?! Whatever the cause, obviously this was not the best thing to happen at work. Fortunately I wasn't in clinic today to scare away all the kiddos and their parents with my now inappropriate attire. I managed to get by sitting very intently in my office the rest of the afternoon and snuck out with my bag strategically placed on the way to the car. So embarrassing!!!

And what do I find when I get home? A very excited dog in her room (our fairly large mud room enclosed by a baby gate). Every day I come home hoping she is still in her room, and to my excitement she still hasn't figured out she can jump out of the room - so you would think she'd stay out of trouble. But no. She managed to snatch my favorite nike shoes off the top of the dryer (which is HIGHER than the baby gate she is so afraid of I might add) and chewed them ruthlessly to their death. We're talking a hole in the toe and no more sole on the bottom. Bummer.

It was a very sad day for me in the wardrobe department. But the upside....maybe this means my hubby will let me go shopping?

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