Saturday, April 2, 2011

Our House. In the middle of our street.

In honor of all this house talk, I thought I'd post some pics of our new (rent) house! Don't be deceived by the outside, the inside is updated and great! It's a 3 bedroom so COME VISIT US!! 


Backyard, complete with bungalo, two car garage, and covered porch with outdoor fireplace and grill! Only problem...the chain link fence is no match for Sager. She can jump over with ease - and does.

Love our living room/dining room combo.  It's HUGE. Beats the old Avery apt. space any day! However I do miss Andrea...who is no longer always in my living room. :(

Our bedroom. Yes boys - the Texas bed made it's way into the master. Sad to say...

Guest bedroom

Bathroom (obviously)

Love my red kitchen! 

Did I mention you should COME VISIT US?


  1. I didn't know you had a BLOG?! I love the pics of your casa! Everything looks ADORABLE!! Wish I was in that living room right now too :( SOOOOOO excited to come out in July! (And also excited to see yall back in the big D in a few weeks) ;)

  2. Cute house! Love reading your blog about your exciting new life!!

  3. So happy to see this. I needed some pictures! Love the place. Especially those backyard options! Lot of potential there Mr. Usry...

    Can't wait to visit you guys.