Sunday, October 12, 2014

18 weeks

I had two rather incredible things happen last night.

1. I ate an entire bag of powdered donuts at around 1am. Although eating in the middle of the night I must admit is not uncommon for me (even Un-pregnant this is a norm), eating an entire bag of straight up sugar and fat definitely is. It was quite the feat and I'm not sure if I should be proud or embarrassed. And to top it off what did I want for breakfast this morning? Powdered donuts of course. I had to get some at the gas station on the way to work.....sad.

2. I felt Eve move. I was so sad and somewhat panicked when the ultrasound tech told me a few weeks ago that my placenta is in the front and therefore I won't feel her move as much or as often because she really has to be pushing for me to feel it. How would I know that she is still ok and alive in there without knowing that she is moving? 4 weeks apart for an ultrasound is a long time when you have a Trisomy 18 diagnosis and could lose your daughter at any time. But laying still while trying to sleep, I am certain I could feel her. Little flutters in my belly that almost feel like she is doing flips. It was a great reassurance and exactly what I needed as we are at the midpoint in between ultrasounds and playing the waiting game.

So...while I yawned my way through a very busy day at work today and I felt pretty sick and sleep deprived this morning, what a great night I had. Donuts and connecting with your babe...what could be better? Flip on little Eve....and I will eat on. :)

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